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A word from the chair of the Bolton Liberal Democrats
The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society in which no one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity. We champion the freedom, dignity and well-being of individuals, we acknowledge and respect their right to freedom of conscience and their right to develop their talents to the full. We aim to disperse power, to foster diversity and to nurture creativity. We believe that the role of the state is to enable all citizens to attain these ideals, to contribute fully to their communities and to take part in the decisions which affect their lives.

This translates directly into the work we are doing within Bolton, campaigning for a more open, honest and accountable local council. Most recently we have been the only political party with councillors in the Town Hall campaigning against proposed fracking in Horwich, Westhoughton and surrounding areas. We are the only party pushing proposals to cut the number of councillors from three per ward to two per ward - saving more than £300,000 a year and making the council more accountable than ever. We are fighting for more public consultation on controversial plans - such as the recent decision to pour £3million into the short-sighted Newport Street revamp - and are pushing to allow more public scrutiny within all meetings.

If, like Bolton Liberal Democrats, you believe that you need to have a council that LISTENS to what you have to say; UNDERSTANDS the need for long-term investment to solve the problems within the town rather than short-term 'people pleasing'; and CHAMPIONS ALL communities within the town, bringing us closer together rather then encouraging divisions; then join us.

It's time we all worked together to #TakeBackOurTown
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Community News

HUNDREDS of men, women, children and even dogs, stepped out for the annual Midnight Memories Walk this evening.

Well done to all involved.

Awful to hear that Jo Cox, MP for Batley and Spen, has died following a shooting earlier today. Thoughts are with her friends and family.

Some residents face a fortnight without a bin as the @Bolton Labour council begin to roll out their plans for slim bins. Residents across Bolton are receiving notes stating that their old bin has been removed and that they will receive a slim bin "within two weeks".

MOTORISTS face three months of disruption as a £7 million resurfacing project is carried out on St Peter’s Way.

Your difficult early evening and early morning commutes are set to get a whole lot more difficult

Help us fight Bolton Labour and the Bolton Tories and stop them making decisions behind closed doors. Join the Bolton Liberal Democrats today!

Bolton Labour and the Bolton Conservatives want to reduce democracy and transparency at the council. Bolton Liberal Democrats say no!

BOLTON’s ruling Labour group has been accused of “trying to limit debate” by introducing changes to the way the council operates.

Lib Dem leader, Cllr Roger Hayes, said: “I think it is basically trying to limit debate. “This will limit the ability for others to question members of the executive cabinet and ensure that the controlling group have control over what is happening.”

Even more misery for Bolton bus users as seen this on teh Vosa website today...... PC0002598/351 - ARRIVA NORTH WEST LTD, 73 ORMSKIRK ROAD, LIVERPOOL, L9 5AE Cancellation Accepted: Operating between Bolton and Wigan given service number 715 effective from 24-Jul-2016.

BLACKROD is bidding to become the first community in Bolton to develop its own neighbourhood plan.

Great to see a local town council starting to form its own Neighbourhood Plan. Bolton Lib Dems are fully behind it.

Would any of your members be interested in taking part in Brave The Shave For Macmillan? If anyone is interested or has any questions then let me know. Thanks.

Help us fight Bolton Labour and the Bolton Tories and stop them making decisions behind closed doors. Join the Bolton Liberal Democrats today!

MONEY for transport for vulnerable children and adults will be cut — but town hall chiefs insist services will not suffer.

Meanwhile £0.5million a year is distributed to Labour councillors in expenses.

On Wednesday, both Bolton Labour and Bolton Tories pushed through a motion to council that reduced the democratic accountability of the council. Agreed behind closed doors by senior members of the Bolton Labour and Bolton Conservative parties - the constitutional amendment passed by the two parties means: a) ONLY councillors from Bolton Labour and Bolton Conservatives can attend and speak at Executive Member Meetings; b) the time that Members are allowed to speak at Council has been HALVED; c) Questions at Council to be submitted earlier; d) Council meetings will now end at an allotted time, regardless if all business has been concluded. This means Bolton Labour and Bolton Tories can now 'filibuster' in order to prevent issues they don't want to talk about being discussed; e) A motion put forward by the Lib Dems and approved at Council in April this year which would have given the press and public the right to attend certain meetings has been reversed - WITHOUT DEBATE! Bolton Labour and Bolton Conservatives are working together to keep residents in the dark! We say no!

Before the election, Tory councillors called for the resignation of Cliff Morris as Bolton Council leader after a string of Labour failures. Ironic that yesterday the Tory leader, David Greenhalgh, seconded Mr Morris as Leader of the Council! Aren't we fed up of politicians who say one thing before the election and do the opposite after?

Bromley Cross Councillor and Conservative Leader David Greenhalgh has backed Cliff Morris as council leader, ...only a month ago all 3 Bromley Cross Councillors voted for Cliff Morris to stand down. #MixedMessages

BOLTON Council has withdrawn controversial plans to build a cycle track on a playing field in Breightmet.

People Power!

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