Lib Dems call on political opponents to join them in fighting homelessness

Bolton Liberal Democrats have invited Council Leader Cllr Cliff Morris and Bolton Labour to second a proposed motion to combat homelessness, as figures show rough sleeping in the town has more than doubled since 2014.

The motion, due to be debated at the meeting of full council on 30th August, calls for the council to "work with its partners to make sure we are doing everything we can to contribute to ending homelessness" and asks for the Council Leader to bring forward a report detailing how local services are working toward bringing an end to homelessness and rough sleeping."

In an email to Cllr Morris, Cllr Andrew Andrew Martin, Liberal Democrat Leader said:

"As homelessness continues to rise, and more young people are at risk of finding themselves on the streets due to draconian Government cuts to housing benefits, it's now more vital than ever for parties to set aside their differences and work together to help end the scourge of homelessness. This is why I would like to invite the Labour group to second our proposed motion on 30th August and support a strong, efficient strategy at all levels to ensure no one in Bolton has to sleep without a roof over their heads."

In a statement to the press Cllr Martin Added:

"The Bolton Liberal Democrats have long fought to combat the scourge of homelessness in the town. In light of the commitments made by the newly elected Greater Manchester Mayor, we want to ensure that this Council makes a clear and public indication at the next Full Council Meeting that we will work on all levels to combat homelessness."

"The issue of homelessness is too important for partisan politics. This is why we are inviting the Labour Leader to second our motion and show that the Council are committed to working together across political boundaries to combat the issue. We are confident that Cllr Morris, the Labour group and councillors from all other parties will come out in support of this vital motion."

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