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A word from the chair of the Bolton Liberal Democrats
The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society in which no one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity. We champion the freedom, dignity and well-being of individuals, we acknowledge and respect their right to freedom of conscience and their right to develop their talents to the full. We aim to disperse power, to foster diversity and to nurture creativity. We believe that the role of the state is to enable all citizens to attain these ideals, to contribute fully to their communities and to take part in the decisions which affect their lives.

This translates directly into the work we are doing within Bolton, campaigning for a more open, honest and accountable local council. Most recently we have been the only political party with councillors in the Town Hall campaigning against proposed fracking in Horwich, Westhoughton and surrounding areas. We are the only party pushing proposals to cut the number of councillors from three per ward to two per ward - saving more than £300,000 a year and making the council more accountable than ever. We are fighting for more public consultation on controversial plans - such as the recent decision to pour £3million into the short-sighted Newport Street revamp - and are pushing to allow more public scrutiny within all meetings.

If, like Bolton Liberal Democrats, you believe that you need to have a council that LISTENS to what you have to say; UNDERSTANDS the need for long-term investment to solve the problems within the town rather than short-term 'people pleasing'; and CHAMPIONS ALL communities within the town, bringing us closer together rather then encouraging divisions; then join us.

It's time we all worked together to #TakeBackOurTown
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Community News

Who is Warren Fox? At 31 year old, Warren is one of the youngest candidates running in the Bolton local elections this year but certainly has the knowledge, experience and passion to deliver results for the residents in Astley Bridge. As Sales & Marketing Manager at IDNS in Bolton, Warren has completed 15 years continuous employment at the company and now manages a team of 40. His enthusiasm and drive to solve problems, and passion for inspiring and empowering others has allowed him to succeed at the company. It is this passion and willingness to “get the job done” that has made him such a popular candidate in Astley Bridge and led to this once “safe Tory seat” being considered by the Bolton News as a real “one to watch” for 2016. He bought his first house just off Crompton Way at the age of 18 and fell in love with Astley Bridge. Often enjoying a drink or two at the Three Pigeons or watching one of the fantastic shows put on by the amateur companies at the Theatre Church (both now sadly no more), or indulging in many a chippy tea from Su’s. A change in circumstances caused him to move from the area in 2008, but it wasn’t long before he was longing for Eagley Brook and Horrocks Wood again. After meeting his partner, and long time Astley Bridge resident, it was decided he would return once more to the area he considered his home. Because of his passion for the area he has been such a vociferous and vocal campaigner for residents. Tired of seeing local councillors do as little as possible to fight for the infrastructure and services residents in the area need he decided to join the Bolton Liberal Democrats and seek their support in helping push for a better deal for Astley Bridge residents. The lack of interest by councillors when the 535/537 bus routes were at risk back in Summer last year became a turning point. Gathering over 4000 signatures calling for a halt to bus cuts in the local area, he helped push Arriva and TfGM into reversing the decision to remove the services entirely, instead ensuring that residents still had some access to public transport. Since then Warren has been leading the way on a variety of issues in Astley Bridge. Working with local residents to fight the Conservative governments programme of fracking; fighting the Labour councils refusal to put a plan in place to combat congestion on Blackburn road; keeping residents in the local area regularly update with information concerning the Brierfield site; and fighting the horrendous amount of fly-tipping and dog fouling reported to him on what is now a daily basis. But Warren knows that none of the successes over the past 12 months would have happened without the fight, drive and passion of local residents who have been supporting him every step of the way. And it’s because of these residents who have shown that they are just as passionate and committed about their community as Warren is that he is running for councillor. It’s clear people want a change from the decade of decline under the current Labour Council and are tired by the lack of support being granted by the areas Conservative councillors (except when there is an election of course). And, whatever happens in the upcoming election one thing is certain - there’ll be a Fox in the Astley Bridge ‘Hen Coup’ for a long time to come.

Find out a little more about our Astley Bridge candidate Warren Fox. A passionate Astley Bridge resident who's hard work over the past 12 months for the residents of Astley Bridge. He's certainly ruffled some feathers within the Bolton Labour and Bolton Tory camps by being the most pro-active, solution focussed candidate over the past 12 months.

WITH the Bolton Council elections taking place on May 5, political reporter Liam Thorp is taking a closer look at some of the key battlegrounds…

Will you be voting Liberal Democrats in Westhoughton and Chew Moor?

Your postal votes should have landed through your doors this weekend. Here are a few of things Warren Fox has been campaigning to change, imagine the difference we could make if Warren Fox was actually elected as your Councillor for #AstleyBridge

Brilliant work the past 12 months from My Astley Bridge candidate Warren Fox.

THE total cost of protecting the identities of two Bolton councillors who failed to pay council tax on time has been revealed to be close to…

Great work from Bolton Liberal Democrat Chairman, Kev Walsh, who recently uncovered the total costs to the tax payer relating to the Councillors who failed to pay their Council Tax on time.

Bolton Liberal Democrats stand for you!


Bolton Council reveal £8,000 costs after losing battle to keep Labour Councillor's identity secret

A Freedom of Information Request by the Bolton Liberal Democrats looking into "the amount of money paid or to be paid by Bolton Council in legal fees and other resources expanded in attempts to ensure the identity of a councillor who failed to pay their Council Tax on time remained anonymous." has revealed costs totalling nearly £8,000, more than double the £3660 that Council Leader Cliff Morris outlined was paid in legal fees.

A Freedom of Information Request by the Bolton Liberal Democrats looking into "the amount of money paid or to be paid by Bolton Council in legal fees and other resources expanded in attempts to ensure the identity of a councillor who failed to pay their Council Tax on time remained anonymous." has r…

"To spend £3,000 of tax payers money on protecting the identity of the Labour Councillor who failed to pay their Council Tax on time is unacceptable. To find out that the total cost to the tax payer is over twice as much is an absolute disgrace. How can residents trust a council that are so unforthcoming with the facts?"

Bolton Council confirm costs relating to protecting Cllr who failed to pay Council Tax on time almost £8,000!

A WATERSHED MOMENT FOR HORWICH - AN OPPORTUNITY FOR COUNCILLORS TO LISTEN TO THE COMMUNITY THEY REPRESENT AND MAKE DECISIONS THAT BEST SERVES THE INTERESTS OF THOSE THAT ELECTED THEM. Horwich Town Council Meeting to hear the proposed plans for Horwich Leisure Centre. Thursday 21 April, 7pm at Horwich Town Hall. This Council Planning meeting is open to the public. There is a 15 minute window in which the public can address the Town Councillors with any concerns or observations. NB: Horwich Town Council is only a consultee on planning matters and all final decisions are made by Bolton Council Planning Committee. PLEASE SHARE!

Bolton Liberal Democrats feel residents should be given a voice in the major decisions that affect them and will be watching how Bolton's Labour led Council deal with the issues being discussed this Thursday.

"32 Councillors receive 'Special Responsibility Allowances' 25 of these are Labour, we want to cut this. We want to cut the number of Councillors by 20 to save over £300,000 per year so that more money can be spent on Astley Bridge." Warren Fox. Share if you agree.

Indeed - 25 out of 32 Labour councillors receive Special Allowances. Some for chairing committees that meet as little as once a year!

A GRANT has been awarded to protect some of Westhoughton's most popular nature reserves.

"Westhoughton’s open spaces are extremely important for all of our families to enjoy and I want to do everything I can to protect them. This money will go a long way in maintaining and improving these spaces as the town continues to grow.” Said Westhoughton Town Councillor David Wilkinson, Lib Dem.

We challenged Bolton Council to clear over twenty sites of fly tipped waste. We gave them over a month to clear those sites with the purpose of highlighting the capabilities of the council to handle fly tipping and to reassure constituents they could handle any increase caused by the Slim Bins. Out of 22 sites how many sites do you think they cleared? Watch the video to find out. Please share and like. The more people we reach, the bigger our voice. (skip to 2:00 minutes if you don't want to wait) Bolton News Bolton Council Love Bolton, hate litter Bolton Live The Litter Pickers of North Bolton

All this after Bolton Labour celebrated spending £1.2 million to combat fly tipping last year. Doesn't look like that's a battle they're winning any time soon. They say they Can't afford to do more... ... But CAN afford to distribute over £0.5 million a year to their own Labour Councillors though.

BOLTON Council will publish details about whether former chief executive Paul Najsarek received a pay-off after leaving his post in "6 to 8…

"Cllr Morris revealed that he had actually contacted the Information Commissioner’s Office to see if the details could be released sooner — but was told that it would take a similar amount of time to when the accounts would be published" But the Information Commissioner said they couldn't release the information back in October? Convenient that the information is being withheld until after May 5th

Warren Fox handed the petition in to tackle traffic on Blackburn Rd. Hopefully new road (Sanduskys/Walmsleys) from Waters Meeting to Crompton will take some of the burden off BBurn Rd

Now an excellent question about required public transport provision particular relevant to Night Bus users

Cllr Morris says it will start when council chamber is completed.