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A word from the chair of the Bolton Liberal Democrats
The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society in which no one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity. We champion the freedom, dignity and well-being of individuals, we acknowledge and respect their right to freedom of conscience and their right to develop their talents to the full. We aim to disperse power, to foster diversity and to nurture creativity. We believe that the role of the state is to enable all citizens to attain these ideals, to contribute fully to their communities and to take part in the decisions which affect their lives.

This translates directly into the work we are doing within Bolton, campaigning for a more open, honest and accountable local council. Most recently we have been the only political party with councillors in the Town Hall campaigning against proposed fracking in Horwich, Westhoughton and surrounding areas. We are the only party pushing proposals to cut the number of councillors from three per ward to two per ward - saving more than £300,000 a year and making the council more accountable than ever. We are fighting for more public consultation on controversial plans - such as the recent decision to pour £3million into the short-sighted Newport Street revamp - and are pushing to allow more public scrutiny within all meetings.

If, like Bolton Liberal Democrats, you believe that you need to have a council that LISTENS to what you have to say; UNDERSTANDS the need for long-term investment to solve the problems within the town rather than short-term 'people pleasing'; and CHAMPIONS ALL communities within the town, bringing us closer together rather then encouraging divisions; then join us.

It's time we all worked together to #TakeBackOurTown
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Community News

Bolton Liberal Democrats are proud to count themselves as residents of Bolton. We're proud of our heritage - despite it being destroyed piece by piece by the Bolton Labour council; We're proud of our green spaces - despite the Conservatives trying to frack all over them; and most of all we are proud of YOU. The people. Who - despite a decade of decline under Bolton Labour with poor economic growth and enormous lack of transparency - have always found time to help the homeless; organise community events; raise money for fantastic local projects and charities, and welcomed the vulnerable seeking refuge from war and famine. Thank you for trying to build a better Bolton against the odds and we hope this May 5th you'll allow us to help you build the Bolton you want it to be.

"It is a shame that some people treat our town centre gardens in this way."

If you bought a house in Bolton in the last 15 years, you will almost certainly have lost money. The centre of the city, which is located within Greater Manchester, is the only place in England and Wales where house prices have fallen since 2000. Property prices in Bolton have slumped by 9pc over t…

Bet you can't guess where the worst place to buy property is in the entire UK.....

Brilliant efforts in Astley Bridge where our candidate Warren Fox has been working hard with residents to combat the awful amount of fly-tipping.

Ain't no Party like a Night Bus 'Party'

To show that the number 8 and 36 Night Buses are very much needed we will be holding an all night ride on the final number 8 Night Bus service (and others if enough people show). We need to send a loud and clear message that this is a service passengers WANT, NEED and USE.

Please come along and show your support. Ensure to bring your daysavers, and weekly and monthly bus passes., and any banners etc (although please be mindful of other passengers)

A YOUNG entrepreneur who struggled to get a job has now been named as one of 50 top businesswomen to watch.

Congratulations to Kirsty. Bolton has many brilliant young entrepreneurs in the town , yet we can't seem to keep hold of them. Wouldn't it be great if we could encourage these great business leaders of the future to set up and grow in the town, creating new, higher-waged jobs and helping to grow the local economy? That's part of the Liberal Democrat vision for Bolton.

HOMELESSNESS charity Urban Outreach is a celebrating a half-a-million pound windfall from the lottery to help Bolton's most vulnerable people.

Brilliant news. Now if only the council would get on board and support our request for £0.5million to help the homeless

Nests uses innovative ways of sheltering rough sleepers. Working with partners Nests provides individual shelters as a stepping stone to permanent housing.

An excellent initiative that aims to provide temporary shelters. Would you like to see something similar in Bolton?

KIND-hearted primary school children have been doing their bit to help the homeless.

Bolton Residents say "lets do more to help the homeless". Bolton school children say "lets do more to help the homeless". Bolton Lib Dems say "Lets do more to help the homeless". Bolton Labour, Bolton Tories and Bolton UKIP say? "No!"

Almost at 1000 signatures in just a week for our Night Bus petition. Sign and share if you haven't already

Every weekend thousands, of people from Bolton and Salford take the trip into Manchester to enjoy the nightlife. Be it to visit the many bars and restaurants, go to gigs, or simply to visit friends. Many of these rely on the 36 or number 8 Night bus to get them home safely - and cheaply. First Manc…

A big thank you to everyone who has signed our petition to keep the Manchester to Bolton Night BUs services running. Almost 1000 names in less than a week is a fantastic achievement. Please do encourage friends and family to sign. Hopefully we can put pressure on TfGM to hold a consultation to put an alternative in place

A THIRD Bolton councillor has admitted being summonsed to court for not paying his council tax on time.

He added that failure to be elected as a councillor would have led to him seeking employment at 67.

In case people needed reminding of official Labour policy on fracking. Here it is.

Hi, I'm Norman Lamb, Lib Dem MP for North Norfolk. We're still around, and this month we launched a campaign to legalise cannabis in the UK....

Liberal Democrats health spokesman Norman Lamb will be answering questions on Reddit later. Pop along and find out more about plans to legalise cannabis and Normans continued campaign for better mental health support.

Figures from the Department for Communities show number living in B&Bs is up 103%

Here in Bolton, the number of people sleeping rough has risen by 700% in the past two years. We are calling on Bolton Council to do more to help people into homes and into employment

After discussion with the Council, they've agreed to look into a cycle strategy for the whole of the Borough including Blackburn Rd. Which should be completed in the summer. Who knows what the outcome will be, but it's great news for cyclists in #AstleyBridge - Warren Fox

Our candidate for My Astley Bridge has been pressing the council to look into providing cycle lanes for the town. They're looking into a cycle strategy for the whole of the which should be completed in the summer.

Want to know which of the party's support fracking? Lets take a look....