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A word from the chair of the Bolton Liberal Democrats
The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society in which no one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity. We champion the freedom, dignity and well-being of individuals, we acknowledge and respect their right to freedom of conscience and their right to develop their talents to the full. We aim to disperse power, to foster diversity and to nurture creativity. We believe that the role of the state is to enable all citizens to attain these ideals, to contribute fully to their communities and to take part in the decisions which affect their lives.

This translates directly into the work we are doing within Bolton, campaigning for a more open, honest and accountable local council. Most recently we have been the only political party with councillors in the Town Hall campaigning against proposed fracking in Horwich, Westhoughton and surrounding areas. We are the only party pushing proposals to cut the number of councillors from three per ward to two per ward - saving more than £300,000 a year and making the council more accountable than ever. We are fighting for more public consultation on controversial plans - such as the recent decision to pour £3million into the short-sighted Newport Street revamp - and are pushing to allow more public scrutiny within all meetings.

If, like Bolton Liberal Democrats, you believe that you need to have a council that LISTENS to what you have to say; UNDERSTANDS the need for long-term investment to solve the problems within the town rather than short-term 'people pleasing'; and CHAMPIONS ALL communities within the town, bringing us closer together rather then encouraging divisions; then join us.

It's time we all worked together to #TakeBackOurTown
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Community News

A SCHEME which gives homeless young people supported lodgings is urgently looking for more Bolton householders to get involved.

It's fantastic that there are groups such as BYPHS and the families that take in young people like Amy who have ended up homeless. But more can and should be done by the Council to ensure no-one in Bolton finds themselves sleeping on the streets. Our recent budget amendment would have seen an extra £0.5 million invested in providing accommodation, support and skills for the homeless. Your council leader and his colleagues said "NO!".

Fantastic news. See Bolton, it can be done. Don't feel you have to stick with the status quo!

An estimated 3,569 people are sleeping on streets on any one night, government figures show

Less than 24 hours after Bolton Labour decide to vote AGAINST our proposals to invest £0.5 million in helping to get our towns homeless into accommodation and build employability, statistics are released showing that rough sleeping rates have risen by a third in the past year! How out of touch can your local Labour Party be???

Last night we presented an amendment to the Bolton Labour budget that would have seen £0.5 million invested towards kickstarting new high-value industry in the town. Unfortunately Labour, the Tories and UKIP all votes against it. Do you think they were right to say "no"?

What a shame you are IN... you have some good proposals, especially cutting Councillor's to just 2 per ward. Getting out of the EU is top of my list at this time so i will stick with UKIP

Do you want to see Bolton Council invest more in new high-value industry? Do you want to see a reduction in...

Being a Liberal Democrat is different - you have the power to change things.

Do you want to see Bolton Council invest more in new high-value industry? Do you want to see a reduction in Councillors to save precious tax payer funds and make the council more accountable? Do you want to fight for a more open, honest and accountable Council? Do you want to help create policy for the town that can make a real change to your local community? The join the Bolton Liberal Democrats Today!

Last night Bolton Labour voted against our proposals to push £6million into road maintenance to help alleviate...

Last night Bolton Labour voted in favour of putting £1million towards facilities that none of you have asked for and AGAINST the priorities of Bolton residents - Better Roads, Fewer Councillors and more help for the homeless. Bolton Liberal Democrats will continue to fight for all these things as we press for a more open, honest and accountable Bolton Council.

Bolton Labour last night voted AGAINST our motion the would have seen £0.5 million go towards helping to rehouse our develop employable skills of some of the most vulnerable people in Bolton, instead opting to push through a budget that pushes £1million into developing facilities at Bolton One such as a sauna and steamroom. Let's make sure people know where Labour's priorities lie.

The BoltonLibDem motion to live stream more meetings and open more meetings to the public passes! #MoreAccountableCouncil

Sad to say that our budget amendment which included plans to provide more support to the homeless and support new industry was unanimously voted AGAINST by the Bolton Labour party. Needless to say we wont be giving up and will continue to campaign for all these things until we see success.

Every week more and more people in the town are turning to homelessness charities such as Urban Outreach Bolton, Hope 4 Homeless UK, Bolton Young Persons Housing Scheme, As-Suffa Outreach Bolton and many other local groups for help and support. It is absolutely admirable that so many volunteers are at hand to help provide the food, clothing and support so desperately needed by those men and women affected by homelessness. But as a Council we can, and must, do more. This is why the Bolton Liberal Democrats are proposing a £500,000 investment using funds unalloctaed from the 2014/15 Manchester Airport Dividend to build upon the work currently being carried out in the town. Providing accommodation, support and training to combat the issues faced by those affected by homelessness - be they young runaways fleeing domestic violence or veterans of the armed forces struggling to cope.

We have just received information that the @boltoncouncil meeting tonight WILL NOT be live streamed online.

We have just received information that Bolton Council's meeting tonight will not be live streamed online. The meeting will be live streamed to Lecture theatre 1 in the Library. This is disappointing and it underlies just how important it is that Councillors vote for our motion (text below) tonight: Motion in the name of Councillor Hayes: “Council welcomes the decision of the Constitutional Panel to initiated live streaming of this Council Meeting and views it as a welcome improvement in public engagement and transparency. “Council agrees in principle that live streaming should be available for all future Council Meetings as well as meetings of the Cabinet and the Planning Committee. “Council also believes that the press and public should be allowed access to all meetings where non confidential formal decisions of this Council are taken, including future meetings of the Constitutional Panel and of Executive Cabinet Members. “Council asks the Chief Executive to present an early report on how these resolutions can be implemented.”