A Freedom of Information Request by the Bolton Liberal Democrats looking into "the amount of money paid or to be paid by Bolton Council in legal fees and other resources expanded in attempts to ensure the identity of a councillor who failed to pay their Council Tax on time remained anonymous." has revealed costs totalling nearly £8,000, more than double the £3660 that Council Leader Cliff Morris outlined was paid in legal fees.

The FOI reveals that apart from the £3660 paid out by the council in legal fees, a further £3907.78 was spent on internal Legal Services work and £271.64 for travel and subsistence.

Reacting to the news Kev Walsh, Chairman of Bolton Liberal Democrats said:

"To spend £3,000 of tax payers money on protecting the identity of the Labour Councillor who failed to pay their Council Tax on time is unacceptable. To find out that the total cost to the tax payer is over twice as much is an absolute disgrace. How can residents trust a council that are so unforthcoming with the facts?

"This is just another in a long list of incidents where the Labour Council have been economical with the truth and it's time Cllr Morris just came out and set the record straight on how much their secrets are costing the electorate. The people of Bolton deserve a Council that is open, honest and accountable not one that just looks after themselves."



1) The full FOI request can be found here https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/legal_fees_relating_to_protectio?nocache=incoming-798847#incoming-798847

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