The Bolton Liberal Democrats have slammed plans to close 13 Childrens' Centres across the town following plans revealed Bolton Council are looking to cut the number of centres to just seven in a bid to save £1.5million a year.

Bolton Liberal Democrat Leader, Cllr Roger Hayes said:

"Whilst we understand the need to save money due to the extremely punitive spending cuts forced on local councils by the Tory government, we believe that cutting services that so many communities rely upon is completely the wrong thing to do. Especially whilst there are other areas of the council where money can be saved.

"The Labour led Council continues to pay out almost £1million every single year in councillor allowances. The Lib Dems have long campaigned on trying to reduce this through an independent review of the Special Responsibility Allowances and a reduction in the number of Councillors to 2 per ward to save over £300,000 each year.

"It is our firm belief that cuts should be made first and foremost to areas that have least impact on our local communities and we will be leading a campaign to fight these cuts until a full review into Councillor SRAs has taken place, starting with the £160,000 paid out to 23 of the 37 Labour councillors"



1) In February, The Bolton Liberal Democrats presented a budget amendment calling for the Council to scrap plans to build a sauna and steam room at Bolton One and invest £0.5million in combatting homelessness; £0.5million to stimulate new high value industry; A cut to councillor SRAs; Reduce the number of councillors by a third; and invest £6million in maintaining roads and footpaths throughout the town.

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