Eric Hyde is one of the Liberal Democrats’ most active campaigners in the area. He has been working hard to make the Little Lever and Darcy Lever ward a better place for local residents through actions such as:

1. Campaigning for a new street sign for Churchill Drive, Little Lever since 2013 despite the council saying there is no money until the next financial year. Eric has said they are finding millions of pounds to finance work Town Centre streets and on remodelling the Town Hall yet they cannot find just £300 for a new street sign to save a lot of people getting lost when looking for the street.

2. Getting the Brewer’s Dray to stick to its delivery times to New Inn on Church Street to avoid causing safety issue to pedestrians and children by forcing them to walk on the busy Dearden Street during school run times.

3. Eric has been pushing the council to arrange for doors dumped on Park Road to be removed.

4. Eric noticed several non-functioning street lights on Settle Street, Market Street, Tong Road and Beedon Avenue. He has now worked with the Council’s maintenance teams to get these up and running again to improve everyone’s safety and security

5. Since the new Tescos opened Eric has reported a significant increase in the amount of traffic using Hill Top and Dearden Street and there have already been some accidents in the area.

Eric has been in touch with Graham Langley, Principal Officer at Bolton Council’s Highway and Engineering department who has written back to say the council is currently looking at a scheme to improve traffic flow on Kershaw Street. They will also be looking into measures reduce traffic flows on Dearden Street.

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