A Bolton Liberal Democrat motion calling for councillors to attend all future council meetings in medieval attire is set to be debated at the next council meeting on Wednesday 13th April.

The motion also calls for the current process of 'mayor making' to be scrapped and replaced with a system where interested candidates are required to pull a butter-knife from a three year old loaf of Warburton's bread and for local elections to be replaced by a jousting tournament, to take place on Churchgate in May.

Speaking in favour of the proposals Sir Hayes of Smithills said:

"For years Bolton Liberal Democrats have been fighting for a reduction in councillors and a reduction in Special Responsibility Allowances for councillors, but every time our colleagues in the Bolton Labour party and Bolton Conservative party have refused to pass our proposals. As a result we have finally decided to give in and are now looking to implement a system of local government that better reflects the Dark Ages in which our current councillors seem to be stuck in."

"If passed, our motion would see all councillors elected by via a jousting tournament taking place over the weekend of May 7th where the likes of Sir Morris of Halliwell and Sir Critchley of Bromley Cross will fight on horseback with prospective candidates in order to protect their honour and keep their seat.

"Of course to ensure an authentic Dark Age experience we would expect the Council to sustain the same level of transparency it currently enjoys.

The full motion reads:

Motion in the name of Sir Hayes of Smithills:

“Ye olde Council resolves that it shall forthwith implement the following changes to Council procedures:

  1. All Councillors to wear Medieval attire during their tenure as councillor.
  2. All council meetings to be held around one enormous round table.
  3. The current process of mayor making will be scrapped and replaced with a system where prospective candidates must pull a butter-knife from a three year old loaf of Warburton's bread.
  4. Every year on the first weekend in May, a jousting tournament shall be held where prospective candidates in each ward shall battle it out to be crowned "Ward Champion" and receive considerable sums of money removed from the peasantry.
  5. All roads to be replaced with mud paths and cars to be replaced with horses - resulting in savings of over £2.5million per annum.



1) April fools - obviously

2) Bolton Liberal Democrats firmly believe in cutting councillors to both save £300,000 a year and increase local accountability.

3) Bolton Liberal Democrats will continue to fight for more power for residents and increased transparency throughout the council.

4) Bolton Liberal Democrats believe improvement and maintenance of our roads is a must and have recently proposed a fully costed £6million pound investment which was turned down by Labour, UKIP and the Tories.

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